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From our origins until today

Comfort, O comfort My people...

.. this is not only our motto but G-d's calling and desire for each person that we are in contact with in His work.

The word 'Chevra' is the Hebrew word for a society or a company of friends. It is pronounced 'Hevra' (the H is guttural). G-d has called us as a network of friends to accomplish this task and we realize that without His help and the friends that He has given us this could never be achieved. Our prayer is that G-d will stir your heart to respond to His desires for His people, and that you will be moved with compassion for this cause.

Countries where Chevra's help has reached:
Poland, Israel, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Abkhasia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Siberia and the Far East, Ethiopia ...


In 1984 this network had its beginnings with a small group of young students in Krakow, Poland, whose hearts were stirred to help elderly Jews in their own city.

Why the Jewish people? A this time, Poland's history was slowly opening up to the reality of what truly happened during World War II. We were taught in school that it was millions of only Polish people that perished, but we realized that there were also millions of Jews who were exterminated during this War. The unbelievable number of Jews who perished so cruelly pierced our hearts. We began to comfort the survivors, those who were continually haunted by the memories of the past. By helping them in practical ways we wanted them to see and feel that G-d had not forgotten about them and that someone did care.


2 % of Income Tax

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This information applies to Slovak citizens and companies only!


Mesačník Bratstvo

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Mesačné správy z Izraela a diaspóry

Mesačník Bratstvo ponúka čitateľom stručný prehľad/správy o situácií v Izraeli a v diaspóre.

Mesačník posielame zdarma každému, kto si ho objedná telefonicky alebo nám zašle email.

Aktuálne číslo (pdf): Bratstvo Apríl/Duben 2021


Archív časopisu nájdete v archíve portálu.


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