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"...let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."

1 John 3:18


To help people in uneasy life circumstances, which suddenly surprised them and that is why they got into a dead end, from where they cannot get out.


Single action help is also an opportunity to get involved during help provision in Diaspora/remote area as well as individual irregular actions, which may be reflection to possibilities, which are offered to us in our life. Since insufficiency is great, even areas of help in the form of single action help are growing every day. This programme itself is a certain roofing of many irregular actions. Even though there is a word “single action” in its title, it is not only about non-repeated actions. It is so in the instances of providing help by actions with clothes, some food stuffs or wood purposed for winter heating. Real single action help can be actions for elimination of emergency conditions for living, help with travelling for arrangement of important documents, re-condition stays in health resorts in Ukraine and others.

Project description

Examples from the last single action helps may be the following: potatoes and onion for winter storage, there were over 40 tons distributed only in Ukraine, while there were 40kg of potatoes and 5kg of onion given to one needy person. Another case was provision of wood for winter heating, while in many cases, this wood is utilized for cooking at the same time.


All Ukraine is covered by a single action help.

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