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"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden..."

Matthew 11:28


To help people in getting access to medicines, medical aids or health care before insufficiency may harm them.


This programme of the project is especially needed and right in this area, there are significant reserves for protection and keeping human life. Health programme actions having been realized, which may seem as something obvious to us, are like a miracle to the people from countries of the former Soviet Union. Therefore, there is a great need of medicines, medical aids, medical material and hygiene needs and means. However, it is not an end to the needs of an ill person. He must get food, get dressed and he also needs a helping hand. For these reasons, there are many people integrated in several programmes at the same time. For example, combinations of programmes: Medical help + Food parcels + Single action help.

Project description

For example, operation of heart at children’s cardio-surgery clinic in Bratislava in Slovakia or integration of a patient for dialysis (in this case it was peritoneal, i.e. abdominal dialysis), which was cured in Ukraine as the first one by this method. These are unimaginable things for people, whose country cannot provide any hope after diagnosis of renal failure or diabetes and that ill person dies in pains without any help. It is unimaginable that there are countries, where a patient has to pay full price for medicines and then he becomes homeless, because he has sold his flat, so that he could buy those medicines for life-threatening disease. No matter what the case is, he dies on the street. Just to give you an illustration: An employed person has to pay for strong antibiotics as much as the amount of his average wages received for the period of half or three quarters of a year.


The help is providing in the Ukraine.

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