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"...Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me..."

Matthew 19:14


To help children in uneasy life situations, when they need to be fed, clothed, when they need school utensils or books.



No matter, how many times we would like to help people in need, we will never forget the children. The real status of the society is reflected in them, where they live. If someone bears the least guilt for all the bad things, which we can find in countries stricken by poverty, then it is exactly those children. Paradoxically, it might be said, that it is them, whose shoulders are loaded the most.  At the same time, the whole society is putting the greatest hopes in them for the future. The thing, which children in Ukraine lost, is hope. Hope for better future. These children are formed by the spirit of the society; that is having an influence on us during each visit in this country. It leaves fear in a person and feelings of inferiority, as though they were to confirm physical status of the country.  
This programme’s target is to help children and growing youth and to show them love in action, which does not know fear. We could divide it into various areas of help, while it is appropriately combined with other programmes as needed. At first, it tries to get children to school, which have not been going there due to insufficiencies in their families. It is provided by workers directly in that place. They monitor individual needs of each child respectively.

Project description

The children do not attend school for various reasons. It may be because they simply do not have money for exercise books and pens. We have met with such a case as this one: A girl was not going to school in winter, because she did not have shoes and she could not walk on snow barefoot. Maybe it was too far from our thinking, but there was no heating – neither at home nor at school. The children were sitting at their desks in hats and gloves. Those children classified in the project get what they need for their life; either it is a winter coat, shoes, hat, pencil case, pens or pencils, school bag, money for a school trip, but mainly hope. Hope, that once it may be different.


Because we do not want to leave this hope all by itself, we carry on in our programme. They are also starting to think of other things, not only surviving tomorrow without cold. It is obvious, that this programme is limited and those children, who are waiting for hope, are as many as the sand in the sea. 


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