Food Parcels

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"...I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat..."

Matthew 25:35


To feed the hungry, whose health condition, distance from their dwelling and other circumstances do not allow them to come to the canteen and eat fill, but they are able to prepare meals by themselves at their homes.


Food parcels are good alternative of food distribution for people, who are reliant on life in their homes due to their health difficulties. Even with this programme, we have a chance to see that it is easier to give than to take. In great measure, there are scientists, professors, engineers and artists, who were giving from themselves during their whole life. Now, they are reliant on help of others. It takes a great deal of humbleness, which was accompanying them during their whole life, but it has never been as real as today, in the autumn of their life.

Current status

Worker, who is distributing this kind of help, visits each home once a month at the minimum. During these meetings, people are open for discussion and the worker can encourage them, comfort them or learn information, which are many times important, regarding their actual needs. Food parcel composition for one month may be summarized in several items, which are altered depending on the year season and current situation of that person, to whom this help is provided. There are essential food-stuffs such as flour, sugar, rice, salt, barley, pasta, oil, margarine, canned fish, poultry pate, fruit juice, chocolate and sometimes frozen chicken or fruit. It is obvious that during determination of the food parcel composition, we always consider the health condition of that person, to whom the parcel is assigned as well as whether there have been enough of longer lasting food-stuffs provided in the previous parcel, e.g. salt. Our effort is to put also such things into the parcel, which may not be necessary for surviving, but people would never be able to buy them because of their insufficiency. They are those earlier mentioned chocolates, fruit or fruit juices.


Each month, there are more than 250 food parcels distributed in Transcarpathian area, 70 food parcels in Cherkasy area.

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